City of the Puddlings

I have no idea what the Puddlings would call this place, but I am prety sure I can’t spell it. They say it is carved from the body of their dead god, but I didn’t catch his name either.



Main residents, seem to be the only inteligent creatures here.

Crystal Constructs

The energies of the god sometimes cause the magical crystals here to come to life. These are small fragments of the god’s personality. Most are helpful, tidying up, keeping pests away, digging tunnels, but occasionally one of the more nasty bits of its psyche shows up. These must be dealt with immediately, or they can cause all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, you can’t really stab ego to death, so they will find a new crystal body before too long.

The Puddlings asked said we would be welcome to hunt down a few, if we had the time. The crystals can be salvaged from their bodies are quite potent. I figure too potent for us to handle untill we have some more experience.

These crystals might be able to power the magic items we’ve discovered.


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